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Kite Events
X poles camera 1X poles camera 250cm camera 150 cm camera 260cm camera 160 cm camera 2Pairs with a Twist camera 1Pairs camera 270cm camera 170cm camera 2Accumulator camera 1Accumulator/ 70/ 80 mix camera 280cm camera 1Fancy DressLead ReinFirst RiddenYoungstockShowing - atmospheric/ around the arenasColouredRidden VeteranNew GalleryNew GalleryCobs and Heavy HorsesMountain & Moorland RiddenCompetition HorseMountain & Moorland in HandJudges FavouriteCobs and Heavy Horses in HandChampionshipsShowjumping arena atmosphericSJ arenaThoroughbredPrettiest Mare** Showing (class unknown)** Showing (class unknown)** Extra showing photos - various classes*** Most Handsome Gelding*** Showing class unknown