Got to be the best group going on Facebook right now!
For all the crap eventers out there! we want your event reports about how bad your day went! no more "event reports" like " biggles and I would have been selected for the Europeans if we hadn't have had that pole in the 80" "an unlucky run out cost us the win" etc etc.
no "unlucky poles" here! hands up if you need to sack the jockey 🙋‍♀️
hands up if you cringe at the thought of returning to your livery yard and telling everyone you screwed up!! 🙋‍♀️
here we own our shitness because we are mere mortals. and no I dont own the next Milton or Vanir Kamira if only I could ride her...
hands up if some days you cant ride a swinging gate!
share your crapness here without judgement no need to feel bad about it!!! we are all shit deep down hahahaa!
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