Wadworths Working Shires have a beer and head off on holiday

January 08, 2020  •  4 Comments

Wadworth's Working Shires have a pint of ale and head off on holiday 🍺

Wadworth has been brewing beer in Devizes since 1875, more than 2, 000, 000, 000 (two-thousand million) pints to give some idea of numbers!  The brewery was founded by Henry Alfred Wadworth in partnership with his friend and brother-in-law, John Smith Bartholomew.  They crafted and perfected their unique method of brewing and with growing demand, moved to a larger premises where the brewery still stands.  Henry Alfred Wadworth died following a fall from his horse and the business passed to his founding partner and has remained a family run business.  

Shire horses are a familiar sight in Devizes and have served Wadworth for over 125 years.  Current horses Sam and Jac can be seen out and about delivering to pubs and customers within two miles of the brewery on weekdays. 

As a reward for all their hard work during the year, the Shires have an annual holiday when they are put to grass for two weeks, get the chance to rest their legs, have a good roll and relax before another year of service.  I took a drive down to watch this tradition.  

Shire horses Sam and Jac joined crowds that were gathered outside the brewery.  They each had a pint of Wadworth's award winning 6X and met their adoring fans.

Following this they were boarded onto the Shire Team lorry and transported approximately 10 minutes down the road to a huge field where they could enjoy a well deserved Summer Break.  

 For more information and brewery tours see Wadworth Shires

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