50 Shetlands hit the beach!

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Would you take 50 sh*tlands on a beach ride tho?


“Tell a gelding, ask a stallion, discuss with a mare… And pray if it’s a pony!”........

I asked Facebook group ‘Shetland Ponies UK’ how they would describe the character of Shetland Ponies.  I am pleased to report that ‘loveable’ was one of the most repeated words.  Other descriptions included; sassy, cheeky, full of character, intelligent, 'hard working, loving, loyal little souls', escapologists, opinionated, naughty, 'little s**ts', 'a little girl's best friend' and 'simply the best'. 

I think Rose Watton summed them up perfectly "Every one has a totally different character from the next, they are cheeky, loving, naughty, mischievous, they know your moods, know their boundaries and push them!  Highly intelligent, they are like a bunch of kids, greatest friends anyone could want. They are soooo much fun with big personalities and huge egos.  Couldn't live without them"

This Summer, whilst on the French coast, I watched 50 (yes, 50! I counted them) Shetland Ponies with child jockeys hit the beach. Can you imagine taking this ride?  I can't imagine this happening in the UK.  All is well that ends well.  Enjoy the pure joy in these photos - 

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Shetland Ponies in the sea

Pure enjoyment!

“Tell a gelding, ask a stallion, discuss with a mare… And pray if it’s a pony!”


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