Park Lane Stables Spread Smiles on the Streets

March 21, 2020  •  1 Comment

Park Lane Stables Spread Smiles on the Streets

Park Lane Stables is a family run riding centre in Teddington, South West London.  Coronavirus/ Covid-19 has forced the stables to close it's doors to usual business including RDA and Pony Club riding. 
Manager, Natalie O'Rourke, came up with the heart-warming idea of spreading smiles and happiness in these uncertain times.    The riding centre's trained therapy ponies have been heading out with volunteers into the local community and visiting isolated people and small neighbourhood communities.  I joined volunteers Peter and Verity and 15 year old Annie's Whizz on the streets of Teddington on their smile spreading mission.  Annie's Whizz was also rocking odd socks to mark World Down's Syndrome Day #LotsOfSocks.
First stop was one of the centre's volunteers who was delighted to see Annie's Whizz walk up her garden path.  

Next, we visited a wonderful neighbourhood a little further down the road where many people came to windows and out onto the green area (following social distancing guidance).  Even one of the local cats came along to see what was going on.

Volunteer Peter and Annie's Whizz headed home through Teddington

Annie's Whizz homeward boundAnnie's Whizz homeward bound

Ponies on the pavements, a pure delightPonies on the pavements, a pure delight

From my short visit, I could definitely tell that Park Lane Stables is a very special, happy place.  The staff and volunteers I met were very welcoming and so friendly.  A huge well done to Natalie and the team and thanks for having me along.  

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