100 Moments from All The Queen's Horses at London's New Year's Day Parade

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100 Moments from All The Queen's Horses at London's New Year's Day Parade

by Claire Owen 

Just over 10 years ago in Autumn 2011, I received a phone call from Caroline Marsh (whom I was yet to meet).  We spoke for well over an hour about her vision; All The Queen's Horses at the London New Years Day Parade.  Did I think she was slightly crazy?  Yes!  But she inspired me and I was firmly on board as a photographer on the team! 

Fast forward to New Years Day 2012 and we were in the back streets of Green Park, central London with a huge team of horses about to parade through flag waving, bustling crowds alongside marching bands, cheerleaders, extravagant theatrical floats, dancers and performers from around the World. 

The Parade takes the same route each year; starting at Picadilly it gets going just on approach to The Ritz then through Piccadilly Circus, Lower Regent Street, Pall Mall, Trafalgar Square and Whitehall to Parliament Square.  The crowd is an estimated 500,000 people and 600 million+ online and on TV Worldwide audience, so you want to hope your horse is on it best behaviour!  

Thoroughbred ex Racehorses, Lusitanos, Shetlands & Falabellas, Fjords, Dales, Arabs, Cobs, Friesians, dogs and even a rabbit have all been part of the All the Queen's Horses team.

Please enjoy the following 100(+) that have been selected as favourites from the past 10 years at London's New Year's Day Parade.  Photographers; Claire Owen, Pip Robertson and Charlotte Gooders.  All photos can be purchased here 

1. Caroline Marsh.  ATQH Creator, leader, inspiration.

1. Caroline Marsh.  Creator, leader, inspiration.

2. An early start in the back streets to get prepared.  

3. Caroline Marsh leads the first 'All The Queen's Horses' group in 2012 aboard Hanna.

4. Timeless

5.  Beautifully turned out side saddle ladies 

6. Jo Sellars-Waymark & retrained racehorse pass giant balloons at The Ritz.


8. Charlee Bywater & Hugo


10. Robyn KIte

11. Greys at Horse Guards Parade

12.  Representation from Warlingham & District Horse Club 

♥ Molly Green always remembered ♥

13.  Buckingham Palace

14. A grass horse from another part of the parade

15. Teresa & Bailey


17. In 2013 I took the opportunity to take part in the parade myself on my golden oldie, Max.  Thank you Pip Robertson.

18. Colourful Knights on The Mall.  Georgia Smith, Edina Boorman, Claire Owen (Equipassion UK) and ATQH creator Caroline Marsh.

19.  Toy Story, Shrek.

20. Quadrille team 

21.  Patrick Kempe


23 - 27.  Marvellous manes and tails 

28 - 32.  Attention to detail.

33 - 36. 101 Dalmations





41 & 42

43 - 58. Circus & Cirque Du Soleil 


60 - 63. Marvellous head shots

64 - 68. Day of the Dead


69. Absolutely loved this pinata costume!

70, 71. Sussex Lusitanos, Sherene and Lelia Rahmatalla

72, 73. Walk like an Eygyptian

74. Cheerleaders in front.  Horses need to be calm in nature to take part. 

75 - 79.  Crowd interaction.

80. Thirsty work





84, 85, 86. Shetland Pony grand national Team

87 -90. Safari

91. Peter Green in riding in memory of Molly Green on her horse.


93 - 96 Carnival time!







Congratulations Caroline and team on bringing your vision to life.  

See you in 2023 London!

All photos copyright you can purchase photos at here 


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