Plough Sunday, The Royal Military Chapel, London

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Plough Sunday

The Royal Military Chapel, London.


Plough Sunday is a traditional English celebration at the beginning of the agricultural year.  The plough (sometimes a tractor) is bought to the Church for "Blessing of the plough".  

Operation Centaur took Shire Horse; Heath to The Royal Military Chapel (Guard's Chapel) at Wellington Barracks, London.

Sunday best - Heath turned out beautifully.

Checking in at the guard house

Heath, Tom and Lizzie at the foot of the Chapel stairs before the blessing.

The blessing was read from the stairs of the Chapel:

Blessed are you, Lord God of all creation: for in your abundant care you have given us fertile land, rich soil, the seasons in their courses. 

You provide seed for sowing, water, light and warmth to bring forth the miracle of growth. You give us skill to work the land, to prepare and nourish it, that it may be fruitful.

By your blessing, let this plough be a sign of all that you promise to us.

Prosper the work of our hands, and provide abundant crops for your people to share.

Find out more at - Operation Centaur


Plough Sunday is an event, It is a traditional English celebration of the beginning of the agricultural year. It involves bringing a ploughshare into a church with prayers for the blessing of the land. This day celebrates on 8 January. A Team of wishes you the best for your event.
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I think it is a great idea to have Plough Sunday. It is a way for people to be involved in the community, and it can be a fun event. It also brings up memories of when I was younger and how my parents would take us out ploughing on Sundays so we could learn about farming and animals. It's also a day when we celebrate our country and our culture. On this day we remember that we were born in this country and that we are part of its history.
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